Slimming World Journey Revisited – August 2017

Well friends, here we are. The end of August. I have to say, I’m surprised at myself for continuing these monthly update posts, but they (somewhat) keep me in check with myself and I enjoy writing them tbh, even if no one reads them, so mini pat on the back to myself for still going.

I’m also pretty chuffed that I’m still attending Slimming World. I ended July in a bad frame of mind, and thought history might repeat itself, resulting in me quitting, but I’m glad to report, it didn’t. I gained weight and *spoiler alert* turns out it came back off in a few weeks anyway!

Changing groups in August gave me the re-jig I wanted, and boy, did it work, as you can see from the results below:

5th August: +5lb (oops 🙂 )
9th August: -1lb
16th August: -4lb (Slimmer of the Week!)
23rd August: -0.5lb
30th August: -1lb (2.5 stone achieved!!)

Total Loss for the month: 1.5lb
Total Loss since starting: 2 stone 7.5lb 😀

Ending the month on a high by getting my 2.5stone award – wooot! With the gain at the beginning of the month, I didn’t expect much so that feels good.

I’m absolutely loving posting my meals daily on Instagram *shameless self promo alert* – come over and give me a follow, like a picture, check out my Insta-story – all that good stuff.

It’s my way to being accountable for what I’m eating and potentially helping others with ideas/tips/tricks etc. It’s all a learning curve and I like helping others and getting help FROM others, so for me, Instagram has been a great help.

No pressure for next month, we’ll just roll with it and see what happens. Losses or maintains suit me fine, because even when the loss is small or non-existant, I can see toning, inch loss or I know my fat percentage is down, so it’s not all about that number on the ‘sad step’, as The Body Coach calls it 😉


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