Jumpsuit of dreams

Never one to be ahead of the curve or even on the ball when it comes to what’s in fashion, but I’d spied a particular polka dotted item on many a plus-sized blogger for months and thought it looked good on every single one of them. It was a black, polka dot jumpsuit. Not once did I think I’d buy it – I have an odd, egg shaped body so they tend to be ill fitting and I end up looking like a sack of spuds with a camel toe. Hawt. Very #ontrend NOT!

Then one fine day, I bit the bullet. Something in me told me to just go for it. It’s ASOS. They do super simple returns. Nothing to lose here. Damn thing was sold out in my size, wasn’t it? I persevered. I checked my saved items 5 times a day to see if it was back in stock. Time passed, seasons changed (maybe) and EVENTUALLY the jumpsuit I’d been eyeing up came back in stock. One size too big for me. No effs were given that day, and I snapped that baby up. I figured it would be a loose fit and I’d be really comfortable in it. (p.s. it’s back in stock, linked here, so go go GO!)


It came. I wore it to work. I feel invincible. Well, no. I felt damn good, but it was a little large on me. There was too much elastic which made it heavy and the waist hung lower than it needed to. I took it to be altered at a dry cleaners near my work. They tapered the whole thing (legs et al) for £20 – a bargain, I’d say.

I now have an item of clothing I’ve gone from being clueless about to completely obsessed with and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Best £50 (jumpsuit + alteration) I’ve spent in a long time, and it’s definitely become a staple in my wardrobe.

Go buy it (link above) and try and tell me it isn’t the comfiest, best jumpsuit you’ve ever worn. Go on! x


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