Wednesday is the new Saturday

…as the classic saying goes šŸ˜‰

In an effort to shake myself up a bit and get back into my groove, I have decided to swap my weigh in from Saturday morning to Wednesday evening. Saturday was good location-wise, but my weekends aren’t long enough as it is, and I found I wasn’t staying for image therapy, because I’d have (boring) plans or something needed doing in the flat (laundry doesn’t do itself, ya know?)

I looked up where my next closest group was, and the Wednesday one is on my way home, so I’m not even going out of my way to weigh (ha, groan). I’ve been told good things about this group, and know a few faces already, so I’m looking forward to my new leader’s spin on things and hope she and the group will give me some get up and go! Ultimately it’s down to me, I know that, but having some cheerleaders to egg you on week by week is always nice, innit? šŸ™‚

Monthly weight loss posts as normal, see you on the flip side x


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