Slimming World Journey Revisited – July 2017

July started well. I was loving my wardrobe again, was taking daily #ootd(outfit of the day) selfies in the work loos (forever classy, me) and just generally loving life. I got into a bit of a gym routine and was kicking butt. I went to the seaside to visit a friend, I even passed by motorcycle theory test WITH A STINKING COLD, go me! But the latter half of the month was less good.

I didn’t manage to stay to group any week, but I did attend, so here’s July’s scores on the doors:

8th July: -1.5lb
15th July: -2.5lb
22nd July: -0.5lb
29th June: Maintained

Total Loss for the month: 4.5lb
Total Loss since starting: 2st 6lb

Ya know those times when you feel ready and raring to go, and you’re all ‘COME AT ME WORLD!I GOT THIS’ and then the world hears you and is all ‘Challenge accepted.’ Yeah? July ended like that. I got this cold, I wasn’t able to stay at group for any inspo/advice/help and I was flagging.

I just felt bleurgh mid-month, resulting in me having a full on, 5 day long cold, and the diet going slightly by the wayside (more on that in the next post) but August is a new month so let’s see what it brings 🙂

p.s. Personal reminder:



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