Slimming World Journey Revisited – June 2017

This month, I’ve upped my wardrobe game, if I say so myself. When I was heavier, I only really felt comfortable if I layered up. A spaghetti strap top under the t-shirt or whatever top I was wearing was a MUST, all seasons, all temperatures. It was my safety blanket and it made me think that my lumps and bumps were hidden away from sight if there was that extra layer. Truth is, I probably looked WORSE because I was bulking up in layers!!

With the hot weather, I soon realised I didn’t have any nice strappy, summer tops – only the ones I wore under clothes – so I went shopping and bought a few tops mostly in bright colours, and not only do I wear them without an under layer, but I’ve worn them tucked into trousers, skirts, shorts (!!!), THE LOT. My tummy is by no means flat, but through losing a bit of weight, I’ve gained 10x more confidence and I’ll wear what I want to wear, even if I look like an adult baby (shout out to my ASOS dungarees!)


This month’s scores on the doors:

3rd June: Booked as holiday
10th June: -2.5lb (got my 2 stone award!) 🙂
17th June: Maintained
24th June: -0.5lb

Total Loss for the month: 4lb
Total Loss since starting: 2st 0.5lb

The month started off well with a loss and an award, but as is my pattern on SW, I get an award, I get a bit complacent. My gym routine has slipped a little so in July I will be getting back on track with that. For me, eating well and having an exercise routine are key to feeling good and losing weight – if one slips, the other does too – so I just need to keep them balanced and I’ll see results.

Let me know how you got in June, and I’ll see you in July x

p.s. I’m keen to do an outfits post, but just building the courage to do it – I’m no model so posing isn’t my forte, but I like fashion 😀 Would you be interested in seeing that?!


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