Slimming World Journey Revisited – May 2017

*Birthday month klaxon* It’s my birthday mid May, so potentially a danger zone for the diet, but I’m going to enjoy myself – I’ll be in Spain – and make good choices around that time so that hopefully any damage is kept to a minimum. Scores on the doors please…

6th May: +0.5lb
13th May: was away, so booked as holiday
20th May: -2.5lb
27th May: -2.5lb Got my Club 10 award 🙂

Total Loss for the month: 4.5lb
Total Loss since starting: 1st 11.5lb

Really nicely surprised with the last 2 weigh in results, because I’d been feeling so bloated and frumpy, so it was wonderful – and I got an award to boot!


It was much easier than expected to eat well in Spain – 3 course meals for lunch AND dinner?! Sign me up! I became 96% tapas whilst there, but managed to avoid bread, which doesn’t do me good anyway, and stuck to paella, gazpacho, salads and omelettes *note to self, make a batch of gazpacho this weekend, so goddamn refreshing!!*

Into a new stone bracket, feeling more comfortable leading up to the hot Summer days that I can ever remember 😀

Ready to grab June by the balls 😉 Let’s see what delights it brings x


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