Slimming World Journey Revisited – April 2017

Spring has sprung, fo’ sho’ ** and I definitely feel like I’m in the swing of things now. I can have an off plan meal/day/weekend, get back on it and still lose *see first week of April loss*. I’m finding that I can be flexible, and I’m not overwhelmed or overtaken by the fact that I MUST BE EATING HEALTHY 24/7 OR ELSE!!! I’m chill. Zen even.

1st April: -4lb – got my stone award, woo!
8th April: -2.5lb
15th April: +1.5lb
22nd April: -1
29th April: -3 – got my 1.5 stone award, hells to the yeah 😉

Total Loss for the month: 9lb
Total Loss since starting: 1st 7lb

A gain in the middle there, but styled it out and had a loss the week after. Also, I don’t really care? As previously mentioned, as long as I feel good/healthy/happy, and I do, everything is fine and dandy. Inches are being lost and my shape is changing, which I feel good about. I’m experimenting a bit more with fashion – nothing too wild and wonderful but different for me (maybe some fashion posts to come soon??) Slow progress is still progress and I’m feeling better by the day for it all.

Now I’ve changed gyms and found a class I like for most days of the week, I feel in control there too – got to love a bit of aqua aerobics with a wild teacher and equally wild attendees. All in all, a good month. BRING ON THE BIRTHDAY MONTH! 😀


**Can you tell I wrote this part at the beginning of the month? It’s cold af now, but we had a scorcher of a weekend early April, promisA


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