Size ain’t nothin’ but a number

A few months ago, I bought a jumper from Topshop. Being the lazybones I am, I didn’t bother trying it on in the shop – I just grabbed a 16, paid and left. I got it home, tried it on, did a twirl in the mirror, and was shocked to see how baggy it was. Not just oversized, but it was practically eating me whole, it swamped me that much.

Now, you may know, I’m trying to lose some weight. ‘Maybe this had something to do with it?’ I hear you call. Nope. It was just WAY too big. The annoying thing was it wasn’t even being sold as ‘oversized’. Did they sew the wrong label into it? Who knows. All I know is I was excited to buy this item, then had to faff about returning it, finding a smaller size and queuing all over again in the dreaded land of no return that is the Oxford Street branch (seriously, so many levels, so many people, so much noise. Urgh #old) 😦

Oh, and then a week or so ago I went to M&S to buy a swimming costume. Tried a size 18 – didn’t fit right. Tried a size 16 – nope, not happening. Tried a longer length size 16 – fit like a glove. What sort of witch craft is this?!

These are just 2 encounters that I recently had, and I know this is a popular topic at the moment, but it really made me look at the VAST RANGE of sizes currently in my wardrobe. I have from a 12 to a 20, and it’s not like I’m squeezing into a 12 or the 20 is huge on me – size labels just seem to mean less and less these days. One shop’s size 16 (I’m looking at you H&M! but I don’t have time to get into it…) is another’s size 10 – how is anyone meant to know what size they are? Grab and go shopping can no longer be a thing – and I sure as hell don’t want to spend my lunch break trying on a plethora of sizes to find the one that fits best. I guess my bank balance is safe then…for now.

It also made me think about my weight loss, and how previously I’d wanted to slim down to fit a certain clothes size. BUT WHAT IS A CLOTHES SIZE ANYMORE?! They ain’t nothin’ but a number. The same goes for weight. BMI is a load of shite, medically speaking 🙂 Yes, Slimming World weighs us every week, but I’m no longer going to aim for a dress size or a number on those scales to make me happy, I’m just wanting to FEEL better/healthier/more mobile, and no number will make me feel those things 🙂

I’ve definitely entered this round of Slimming World with a completely different view, and I’m loving it. A gain? Sure, that’s normal. Losing weight? Ok! Feeling great? AWESOME! Being happy? A.Maz.Ing. I’m for sure jumping on the BoPo (body positivity) train, and it’s about f#cking time too!

Do you find clothes shopping a nightmare? If you don’t, please tell me where you shop so I can have the easy breezy experience you have!! 😀 if you do, I feel you – leave a comment below.


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