Slimming World Journey Revisited – March 2017

As expected, after a pretty great Feb (if I do say so myself!) March started off slowly. I’d finished Feb with a big, fairly unexpected, loss and history tells me, 3 goods weeks will be followed with 1 bad. I managed to keep the losing streak going for a little longer, but let’s see how things panned out…

4th March: maintain
11th March: -1lb
18th March: -1.5lb
25th March: +1lb

Total Loss for the month: 1.5lb
Total Loss since starting: 12lb

Not bad Marie, not bad at all. OK, a small loss over a month, and I ended the month with a gain, but I’ve not undone everything, it’s only 1lb (although I get how ironic it is when it’s ‘only’ 1lb gained, but when you are trying to lose it, that word ‘only’ vanishes!!)

So, on we go with April – 5 weeks, 5 weigh ins, 5 chances for me to chip away a bit of that weight, however slowly or forward a bit/backward a bit/forward again a bit it may be. Feeling very easy breezy about all this at the moment, and, honestly, there’s enough daily stress about without a diet to add to that, so long may it continue 😉


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