Slimming World Journey Revisited – February 2017

I write this post kinda with my tail between my legs – annoyed with myself for getting to the point where I need to rejoin Slimming World, but also pleased that I’ve done it, because I know it works for me, I feel in control again and I’ve got my focused head on.

Before I rejoined for what feels like the 100th time (but whose counting?!), my eating habits were getting out of hand, and I felt slightly helpless in reigning myself back in. I knew SW worked, but I gave myself every excuse in the book not to join – will the leader be nice? I’m too heavy, I’ll be the odd one out at group. I don’t want KNOW what I weigh because I know it’s bad. I have nobody to go with and I like that support. The list went on…
Eventually I put on my big girl pants (in more ways than one, heyoo!) and got my butt to group. Of course, my leader was LOVELY and so informative, approachable and encouraging – everything you’d want, the group is lovely and welcoming and I’ve already made a few friends.

Time for the scores on the doors:

5th Feb: Rejoined
12th Feb: -2.5lb
17th Feb: -3.5lb
25th Feb: -4.5lb (half stone award achieved)

Total Loss for the month: 10.5lb! 😀

Total Loss since starting: 10.5lb

Definitely can’t complain about these numbers (and trust me, I won’t, I’m thrilled!!) but I do think I need to find the right balance between eating well and exercise, especially since becoming veggie. I’d found my energy levels are down by mid-week and I can’t face the gym (yes, I wasn’t particularly upset about that, tbh…)

Hoping for my stone award sometime in March, but no pressure, I’ll just take it as it comes 🙂


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