Going the extra mile

People really surprise me. Yes, sometimes for the worse but on this occasion, for the better.

I emailed a little country pub (The Chandlers Arms in Oxfordshire), having looked them up online and saw they had no menu, asking if they did veggie meals and if they could send me a menu. In my head, I assumed they’d just have it in an email-able format and reply with an attachment, but the owner, Assumpta, replied asking for my address, saying she’d pop one in the post for me. I thought that was really sweet of her and did so.

Yesterday the menu arrived, along with a lovely hand written note from Assumpta, saying she’s looking forward to having us there and to come and say hi when we arrive. It’s not a huge deal, but it was so nice of her to go that extra little bit for me, a stranger who was just wondering what their menu was, no solid plans to dine there.

This situation is a stark contrast to the company I emailed today saying the £20 voucher they sent me doesn’t work. They responded telling me there was a minimum spend of £59 for it to work, in very much a #sorrynotsorry tone – would have been real handy if the email with the voucher had that info, d***s 😐

Anyway, we should all be a bit more like the Chandlers Arms and do more when we can, so *queue hippy dippy moment* let’s spread the love! ❤

Happy weekend all! 🙂


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