Give peas a chance

At the end of September, after purchasing the amazing ‘Eat Smart’ recipe book by Youtuber Noimi Smart, I decided to go vegetarian/vegan. Yes, I have a tendancy to make snap decisions like this, and no, they don’t always last but worth a go, right?

I cannot, will not go without cheese so being fully vegan is not for me right now, but vegetarianism is a good starting point, I think. I’ve toyed with the idea of eating less meat before, and I then I do the weekly shopping and a bag full of meat comes and I’m like ‘Oh yeah, I was going to not do that this week, wasn’t I? Balls.’ But this time, I just went for it, and so far (2 weeks) I’ve stuck to it. I’ve even lost a bit of weight, but I’ll give an update on that at the end of the month  😉

I’ve been making a few recipes from the cookbook and have fallen in love with many of them. Had my Mum round for a dinner last weekend and was a bit apprehensive about serving up a veggie meal but it went down a treat – she even took a recipe away with her! #winning


So, I’m hoping as I find interesting and delicious recipes from that book and other corners of the internet, I will be able to build my vegan/veggie cooking repertoire and find more firm favourites that become part of our weekly meals.


And for any of you that have the recipe book, I can already confirm that the following are awesome:
* After dinner truffles
* Summer salsa
* Mexican rice lettuce wraps
* Spring Garden risotto
* Acai bowls (I LOVE this one, and have already posted far too many pics of them on Insta – soz followers!)
Next on my list to try is the pecan ice cream with salted caramel sauce *drool* and mac and cheese (tonight’s dinner) so keep your eyes peeled for photos and the recipes if they works out well 🙂



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