Take Two

Oh hey! So I’ve been gone a while, soz about that. Just felt like I didn’t have a lot to say or time to say what I did want to say. I’m not suggesting I now have TONS to say, but I do like writing a few sentences now and again 🙂

Back now (for who knows how long) and I think my best bet to keeping this thing going is NOT having a posting routine (wild, right?) but just keep it as more of a ‘surprise, I posted something, go read it!’ kinda deal. Sound good? I can’t hear you, but I’m sure that was met with fanfares of applause and confetti bombs.

I definitely need something to get my mind ticking along, and I’ve let so many other things slip (gym, diet, hobbies etc) but I’m hoping if I go back to writing about them and tell people about them, I’ll pick them back up. Let’s see, shall we?

Marie x


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