Month 5 – Slimming World Journey 2016

After such a disastrous December, I picked myself back up, got my butt into the gym and stopped wasting money on lunches and started preparing more food at home. I took lunches to work 80% of the time and when I did have to eat out, I was sensible (so unlike me!)

5th January – Weigh in #17: -0.5lb (I thought I’d maintained but I’ll take it!)
12th January – Weigh in #18: -6lb and Slimmer of the Week 🙂
19th January – Weigh in #19: Booked as holiday
26th January – Weigh in #20: -1.5lb

Total Loss for the month: 8lb!

Total Loss since starting: 1st 5.5lb

A considerably better month this month, and not far away from my club 10 or my 1.5st award. Bring on February!

Let me know how your January was 🙂


One thought on “Month 5 – Slimming World Journey 2016

  1. I am also on the Slimming World journey and I have to say that last week I was a little disappointed with my weight loss, given all the extra exercise that I undertook! However I did have a loss and the journey continues!


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