Face off

Cleansing water, micellar water, ‘takes my make up off in 1 sweep’ water, whatever you want to call it – they’ve been around for a while now and they’ve really taken off in the makeup/beauty world, but I have to admit, they don’t for me work, so I don’t get the hype?

I’ve tried Bioderma. It was OK for taking off easy to remove eyeshadow, but anything else? Stuck to my face like a mofo. I tried Garnier. Same, poor result. I used an oil cleanser from the Body Shop. My skin felt nourished but still had makeup on! I feel like using actual WATER would have the same effect, so why am I spending money on these things that don’t work? Am I doing it wrong? Is there a nack? Someone give me a hint, which ones work, ACTUALLY work? Do I need to pay through the nose for one that works or is it a real case of trial and error?

I feel like I’d be better off using face wipes *prepares for the onslaught of horrified beauty bloggers to berate me for this*but you know what? They WORK!

Tell me your makeup removal holy grail products in the comments.


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