Month 4 – Slimming World Journey 2015

December’s weigh ins went exactly who I expected them to go – badly. It’s not what I wanted, but it happened. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t have some ups and downs and come out the other end the same as when I started (not ideal, but I would have been OK with it) BUT having had such a bad end to the year, weight-wise, it’s definitely given me that boot up the bum for January and beyond.

1st December – Weight in #12: -3.5lb (and I got my stone award!!)
8th December – Weight in #13: Maintain
15th December – Weight in #14: +4lb
22nd December – Weigh in #15: Skipped it
29th December – Weigh in #16: Skipped it
Total Loss for the month: +0.5lb

Total Loss since starting: 12lb

Not the best way to end the year, but January is a new month and I have good feelings about it. Going to ParkRun, eating well and keeping track of everything like I said I was going to do as one of my 2016 resolutions should keep everything in order.

How did you do in December? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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