My 2016 Resolutions

It’s very cliche, but like a ton of others, I’m going to set myself some New Year’s Resolutions, or goals for 2016, if you will. It’s good to have something to aim for, and you know, new year, new me and all that jazz!

  1. Stop drinking milk – this one’s going to be hard, but nobody ever said it would be easy. I’d like to say I’d go full dairy free, but CHEEEEEESE.
  2. Go to my local, or nearest, ParkRun at least once a month – I have a free, weekly 5km at the bottom of my road every Saturday, but do I go? No. Should I? Yes. Will I? Damn tootin’.
  3. Find a hobby or 2 – I tried out Lindy Hop in 2015, and I really enjoyed the classes, but didn’t feel like I progressed much (I mean, I can’t do a routine, but that’s partly my fault) and my enthusiasm petered off towards the end of the year, so I’m going to find a similar (or not) activity and give that a go, why not try something new, eh? And that’s not to say I won’t go back to Lindy, it totally brightened up my Mondays! 🙂
  4. Keep a diary. I got a beautiful leather bound notebook for Christmas and think it would be wise to document the year. It’ll be interesting to read back on it and will help me log fitness/diet too, which is a must for me – if you bite it, write it, if you snack it, track it 🙂
  5. Save more money – I’m terrible at savings, but I need to have something to fall back on if everything ever went tits up, so I’ll have to knuckle down and get save them pennies!

I’m sure I’ll add to the list throughout the year, it’s good to have things to aim for and I want to achieve something this year. What are your plans for this year? Let me know in the comments, and have a great year! 🙂 Xxx


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