Spa London Ironmonger Row Baths

When I was asked by the lovely Carol at Spa London if I’d like to spend a Sunday morning at the Islington branch, I practically bit her hand off! I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning, and after the week I’d had, it couldn’t have been more perfect timing.

I made my way over to Islington, where I’d been booked in to use the spa facilities from 10am and was having a treatment at 11.30am. On arrival, I had to fill in a standard health form (any allergies/injuries etc), gave the receptionist my shoes in exchange for a robe, towel and locker wrist band and I was on my way to total zen.

I got changed, entered the spa and found the spa map. On the map it showed the various rooms and areas – 2 saunas (herbal and vitality), 2 aroma steam rooms (lemon/orange and mint/eucalyptus), the plunge pool, the bucket shower, 3 hot rooms of various temperatures (tepidarium, caldarium and laconium), hammam, monsoon shower, ice fountain and the relaxation area.


I quite literally didn’t know where to go first but decided to start in the vitality sauna and work my way round. Every room was just lovely and I could feel the bad week lifting from me – perfect.

After feeling so zen that I had a little snooze in the relaxation room, I was called by my beauty therapist Sophie. She was going to give me my treatment of a Slimming and Detox green tea tingler – BE WARNED, as lovely as the treatment was, it was INTENSE. It involved a quite course scrub of the legs and tummy, followed by a deep tissue massage and then a mask.

Slimming & Detox Green Tea Tingler
60mins £60
The ultimate uplifting, circulation-boosting treat to fight off that orange peel and make way for super smooth, radiant skin! Includes an uplifting surge of green tea & ginger exfoliating mineral salts to activate microcirculation, encourage skin cell renewal and promote a healthy glow. Followed by a purifying lower body wrap to target problem areas and a deep tissue massage  across the lower body to promote lymphatic drainage. A perfect treat for getting legs in tip top shape or even just as an uplifting energising boost.


After all that loveliness, I decided it was time to go home and have some more zen time on the sofa watching Netflix – bliss. The best Sunday I’ve had in a long time.

Thanks to everyone at Spa London for having me, I hope to return soon 🙂

Check out their latest offers and promotions here and tell them I sent you:


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