Treading the boards

I really, really love going to the theatre. Musical, comedies, dramas, I don’t mind what I see, it’s usually a fun night out. I tend to go when I can get cheap tickets if it’s not a show I’ve heard much about, but will splurge for a popular show. More often than not though, the cheaper shows I tend to enjoy more – I’m usually a bit disappointed by the big West End extravaganzas that I’ve paid through the teeth to go to, they rarely live up to all the hype.

The best thing I’ve seen, and strongly suggest you try and see too are:

  • The Play That Goes Wrong – a slapstick, Fawlty Towers type comedy which is just hilarious.
  • War Horse – need I say more?
  • Legally Blonde – it’s not on anymore but Sheridan Smith was FAB and it was amazing
  • 1984 – amazingly intense, but loud (you’ve been warned)

I’ve got a few more on my list to go and see, but what’s your favourite stage show and what do you recommend I see next? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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