Month 2 – Slimming World Journey 2015

I really enjoy Slimming World, the support you get and ideas and thoughts from other members is awesome, and I’m so glad I’ve re-joined, but this month, I fell off the wagon so hard and it took me most of the month to snap out of it! I wish I had better news for October’s weigh in, but it was a very up and down month, I’ve not been feeling my best and it shows. Anyway, let’s get the bad bit out of the way…

6th October – Weight in #4: +3lb
13th October – Weight in #5: stayed the same
20th October – Weight in #6: +3.5lb
27th October – Weigh in #7:  -4lb
Total Loss for the month: +2.5lb

Total Loss since starting: -7lb

And so we end on a high – a good loss, but it was inevitable considering the huge gain that preceded it. That being said, I’m taking it and running with it. It was the boost I needed to snap me out of my funk and I feel like I’m back and rearing to go. Group was great this week, lots of Halloween inspired ideas and I went away feeling positive and full of inspiration.

Goals until Christmas? Get back into a gym routine, and try and go in the mornings, because come evening, going to the gym is the last thing I want to do! I also want to cook more original food, as I get stuck in a bit of a cooking rut and cook the same thing week in, week out, so I’ll throw something new in once a week to keep things interesting 🙂

8 more weigh ins until Christmas, so let’s see where we are by then 😉


2 thoughts on “Month 2 – Slimming World Journey 2015

  1. Food is a killer when the seasons change. I don’t know about you but winter time, for me, means stews and broths and bread-based things and pies and baking and pasties and warm blankety comfort, comfort, comfort food. The fact that you’re committed to this thing is epic. You want to do something about it, and you totally are. Keep on keeping on, and write about it all the time because there’s nothing like a bit of creative reflection to carry you to the next checkpoint. Whatever your goals are, I believe in you! And I’m sure a stackload of others do too. Go for it!xx


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