Month 1 – Slimming World Journey 2015

A few weeks ago now I bit the bullet and re-joined Slimming World (again). I said on my application that I want this time to be the last time, and yes, I’ve probably said that every other time, but there’s something about this time that makes me think I can stick to that. I’ve had a kick up the butt (which I needed) and now I’m back in full force on this weight loss journey. I will do a update at the end of every month and let you know how I’ve done during that month’s weigh ins. And yes, I will post the weight losses and the weight gains, though I hope there’s more of the former 🙂

8th September – re-joining day
15th September – Weigh in #1:  -8lb (got my first shiny sticker!)
22nd September – Weigh in #2:  +0.5lb 😦
29th September – Weigh in #3:  -2lb and I’ve dropped down into the next stone bracket (got a sticker for that too 😉 )
Total Loss for the month:  -9.5lb

Well, those last 2 weeks were interesting. When I had a great week, I gained half and then had a pretty iffy week and lost 2. It makes no sense to me but maybe loosening the reigns a bit helped? I don’t know, but I’m happy with the loss for the month. Let’s hope I can do the same or better next month 🙂

Let me know in the comments your favourite Slimming World recipe!


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