Cash Injection

I’m sure we can all agree that sometimes a little extra cash helps you out, especially towards the end of the month. Here are a few websites I use, mainly survey websites, that give me a little cash boost from time to time:

QMee – download the widget, search the internet as you normally would and every now and again you’ll get an additional search bar down the left side of your screen. Just click on one of the search results and cha-ching! Money in your Qmee account. You can cash out whenever you like via PayPal. It’s normally a few pence per search but hey, you might as well get paid whilst you browse the internet, right? Use the referral code:

Valued Opinions – you will be emailed about potential surveys that relate you to. Just log in and take the survey. Sometimes you’ll be screened out, other times there’s a reward. Cash out every £8-£10 depending on how you cash out.

PureProfile – Similar deal to the above. You can cash out once you hit £25. Use this referral code to sign up:

PanelBase – Again, you will get email invites to surveys, you may or may not be screened out. Cash out at £10 via PayPal or a voucher of your choice

YourSayPays – This tends to be the site that gives me the most opportunity for surveys, but they are valued at between 5p-£1. Cash out is at £20 and via PayPal.

TopCashback – Visit this site before you buy anything online and see if they offer cashback. If they do, visit that site through TCB and that money will go into your cashback account. Different retailers have different pay out times, so it’s worth checking most days to see if you can cash out. Use this referral code to sign up: and we both receive £15 🙂

And no, you won’t be selected for every survey, and yes it does take a little while to earn enough to cash out, but it’s free money at the end of the day so if you don’t want it, someone else will take it! 🙂


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