It’s so easy these days to think that you’ve caught up with old friends because you’ve seen their latest Facebook update, or a recent tweet, but it struck me recently – I’ve not seen 90% or more of my school friends for far longer than I’d like to admit. And you know what? That makes me sad. All it takes is a Facebook message (ha) to get the ball rolling, or a text or a WhatsApp message, ANYTHING! That’s not me blaming them, I’m just as guilty!

So when I was contacted by an old school friend recently (today in fact!), it really made me smile. We’d both been thinking the same thing ‘I must get in contact with her and meet up’ and had just never gotten round to it (story of my life!!), but she reached out, and we’ve made plans – it was that easy! Even if one of us had said no to the plans, what’s the worst that can happen? You don’t see them for a while or ever, but you’ve not seen them in ages anyway so no big deal, right?

I can be really shy even with people I know, especially when it’s been a while, it can take a little time to warm up again, but you soon find the conversational flow and it’s like old times.

I hope to try and contact more old friends and get back in contact, so if you’re reading this, it could be you! Alternatively, come and say hi to me, I don’t bite 😛


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