Royal Fail

I enjoy getting post. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the mystery of ‘What is it?’ or ‘Who sent it to me?’ There’s something about it that I just like. Luckily for me, I pay all my bills by direct debit which means I rarely have anything nasty sneaking in through my letter box, so I have nothing to fear. The post that actually gets to me that is.

Our postman does the ol’ ‘ring and dash’ method of postal delivery. I could run down the stairs as soon as the bell goes and still see that damn red ‘Sorry, I missed you’ card on the doormat *grumble* Do I need to wait at the door all day to be able to catch you, Mr. Postman!? I’ve got better ways to waste a day (I’m looking at you, Netflix!)

This is becoming an increasingly annoying and regular occurrence, and I will be writing a strongly worded letter to Royal Mail to get this situation fixed, because it’s started to cost others money when the item I’m meant to be receiving gets lost or damaged in transit, which is unfair and unnecessary.

So Mr. Postman (because you are 100% likely to be reading this), can you please just give me 5-10 more seconds to get to the door before you Usain Bolt your way down the road? Ta muchly 🙂


One thought on “Royal Fail

  1. My old boss caught the postman sneaking off back to his van and when he went up to him with the “sorry we missed you” slip he said he didn’t even have the parcel and my boss would have to go to the depot to collect it! The cheek! Sure enough my boss said something along the lines of “errrr actually that’s the but you’re meant to do, bring it to my house within the hour”


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