My day just got a whole lot better!

Sometimes it’s the small things in life that just put a smile on your face, and something small put a smile on my face today.

I encourage you all, next time you buy an Innocent smoothie, to just have a thorough read of the label. It’s silly and will make you chuckle – well the one I had a week or so ago did anyway! The paragraph I read asked if you’d prefer cheesy legs or bacony arms, and asked for answers to be emailed in. It was a slow day in the office, and this really tickled me, so I wrote the following back to Innocent:

I have to be honest, I wouldn’t want either because I would just eat both!
So I’d either end up legless or armless

Now if it was a choice between legs made of spam or arms made of spaghetti?
I’d have to say legs made of spam and my reason why is twofold:

1)      1) Who likes spam? I definitely don’t so no fear of me eating my
own legs
2)      2) Every time you showered/bathed, my spaghetti arms would turn
into soggy worms and that’s just no good.

Thanks for your time. I fear I may have looked into this too much but hey

I got a jolly response from a lovely lady called Rachel who said my email had made her smile and she wanted to send me a little somethin’ somethin’. I was chuffed! And today I came home to a large envelope containing a pair of socks, a tea towel, fridge magnets that spell out my name, £10 worth of vouchers for future smoothies and the following card:


I mean really, what a great, fun company! Yes, they sent me some merch, but they also went to the trouble to make me that card and write a sweet message inside, so thoughtful.

I can’t wait to spend my vouchers and enjoy more lovely smoothies. I will be reading more labels in the future 🙂

Thanks again Innocent, you da best!    

p.s. Innocent, if you are reading this, more free merch is welcomed with open arm 😉


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