Snowboarding in July? In LONDON?!

Yes, it’s true, it can be done. It took a bit of web searching but I found an indoor slope in Chiswick, London. Here’s why I decided to have a few lessons there…

I went to Borovets, Bulgaria in March for a week to snowboard. The only experience I had snowboarding prior to that was a few hours at SnoZone in Milton Keynes, which is another indoor slope that has real snow! I wasn’t by any means good at it, but it was fun and my instructor decided I had improved each time I went (I think he was looking the other way for most of the lessons, but hey). So off to Bulgaria I went, boarding boots in hand, but when we got to the slopes, I froze (physically and mentally). I was terrified. It didn’t make for a very good holiday for me, as I just stuck to the baby slope whilst everyone else progressed to harder, more fun slopes.

So, now there’s talk of going back next year and I don’t want the same thing to happen, so I’m going to Chiswick to try and overcome some of that fear. At the moment, an hour lesson is £19.99 (for a limited time only) so I can’t say no to that. Even at the regular price of £43, if it helps me overcome my fear it’s worth it and will make for a much more exciting holiday in 2016!

The slope at Chiswick is what’s called a Magic Carpet and resembles a conveyor belt, but it’s at an angle (as a mountain would be). The staff control the speed and there’s a bar at the bottom of the belt to hold on to if necessary.

They have 2 other locations – Reading and Basigstoke, but the Chiswick one is obviously reasonable for me to get to. The staff are really helpful and take the lesson at your pace, so I’d highly recommend it. They also do skiing lessons if that’s your thing.

Check it out and see what you think 🙂 I’ll keep you posted on my progress!


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