When your face feels like the Sahara, try this…

My skin usually suffers in the winter, like most others. The cold weather, central heating etc do my skin no favour at all and it ends up dry as a bone. Similarly this summer, my skin hasn’t been its usual self. I’ve been having to moisturise a lot more than I used to – which isn’t a bad thing, now I’ve found the right combo of moisturising products. It all begin when I went to New York – the long haul flight just sucked my skin dry and I just haven’t been able to get it back to its plump, thirst quenched self until….

I was wandering around Tesco a little while ago, and saw that there were 2 Nivea creams on a special offer, both costing around £1.50, down from about £4. I picked them both up, one a rich day cream, the other a light day cream. They are both 50ml so travel/handbag friendly. I didn’t *need* any more moisturiser, but on this day, my skin was so tight, I had to do something.

The light cream is as described – light on the skin, not greasy and perfect for day to day use. It sinks into the skin really easily and hydrates the skin well. It sits really nicely under make-up too, and doesn’t make your foundation slip and slide about. http://www.tesco.com/groceries/product/details/?id=263690539


The rich cream is best used (for my dry/normal skin) at bedtime. It’s very moisturising and I found if I used this one in the day, my skin would feel a little greasy, but if I used it at night, it had time to be well absorbed. http://www.tesco.com/groceries/product/details/?id=256154362


I have to say, I wouldn’t pay full price for them but Nivea products seem to be on special offer (half price) at Tesco currently so pick yourself up some moisturiser and let me know what you think of it too 🙂


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