Jewellery designed by you

I was recently asked by the lovely Miisa at Mink and Stone if I would like to create my own piece of jewellery to blog about. I immediately jumped at the chance, I love my jewellery and I’m always wearing some kind of bling day to day.

The website is really easy to use. You create an account, click on Materials to choose from a vast selection of beads and crystals, add them to your tray, then you start designing. You choose the length, the metal colour, the clasp – it’s all you baby! There’s inspiration pages in case you need a bit of guidance in what to design.

It’s such a great idea – you choose everything about the item and that way, you get exactly what you want! Here’s the bracelet I designed: It was made with the bridesmaid dress that I wore this weekend in mind. You, yes you dear reader, can even buy this piece if it takes your fancy – isn’t that so cool?!


I can’t wait to receive it and show it off to everyone ‘Oh this little thing, yeah I designed it myself!’ Does this mean I can now add jewellery designer to my CV? 🙂

Check out the website and follow them on Twitter: @minkandstone  and use the tashtag #MinkStoneMyPiece


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