Faking that Summer glow – Part 1

I’m not big on fake tan. I like to use it when I have time, but to say the result is always acceptable in public would be a lie. I’m *that* girl that ends up an orange, streaky mess. The one thing I do correctly is wash my hands clean of the tan, so that’s always the one part of me that stays white, therefore making me look even weirder!

Recently I was sent a 3-step tanning kit to review, and although I haven’t used the fake tan yet (I have some events coming up, and if it goes wrong and I end up looking oompa-loompa-esque, there’ll be plenty of photographic evidence!), it’s become clear to me that maybe my past attempt have been thwarted due to a lack of prep and maintenance.2015-07-20 22.11.24

I normally just slap on the fake tan and hope for the best, which as previously mentioned is a method that is less than effective, but this 3-step kit included an exfoliator which you use the day before and a tan enhancing moisturiser to keep your tan looking tip top. Great concept in my eyes, and having already used the exfoliator, I can say I’d recommend it!

In terms of the actual tan lotion, the tube does say ‘gradual’ but it’s one of those white creams, so I have no indication what colour it’ll turn pale ol’ me. I’ll have to report back on that and how well the kit as a whole performs – keep your eyes peeled for that post in a few weeks 🙂

Have you ever had a tanning disaster? Tell me about it in the comments.

Thanks for Clicks Research (www.clicksresearch.com/) for sending me the products to review


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