Jumping in at the deep end

In a bid to try new and interesting things, my boyfriend was searching the internet one day and came across a scuba diving club that was practically on our doorstep. We contacted them and told them ‘Hey, we didn’t know you existed, especially so close to the Thames (can you even dive there?) Can we come and see what it’s all about??’ Of course, they welcomed us with open arms to the pub for a chat about the club etc and we arranged a date to meet up again.

Fast forward a week, and we were doing a try dive – a dive in the local swimming pool with all of the kit and an instructor talking you through it all. It’s kind of a try before you buy type experience, but completely worth the £20 we paid. The 3 of us (me, my boyfriend and a friend) all signed on the dotted line that evening at the pub debrief and now each week, we go back to the swimming pool and try new things, each time a bit more technical and interesting.

It’s a cool club with lovely members, and when it’s so close to home, it’s hard to say no to such a fun and different (for us, anyway) activity. So if you think it’s something that takes your fancy, have a look at the link below and contact them, even if it’s for a try dive – everybody’s welcome and maybe I’ll see you there soon! 🙂



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