A clear head

I’m part of a review panel for Boots, and I frickin’ love it, because it means I get sent stuff to review on a fairly regular basis, much to the annoyance of my friends (yes, you know who you are!) They basically email you, letting you know they are sending you products unless you opt … More A clear head

Give peas a chance

At the end of September, after purchasing the amazing ‘Eat Smart’ recipe book by Youtuber Noimi Smart, I decided to go vegetarian/vegan. Yes, I have a tendancy to make snap decisions like this, and no, they don’t always last but worth a go, right? I cannot, will not go without cheese so being fully vegan … More Give peas a chance

Take Two

Oh hey! So I’ve been gone a while, soz about that. Just felt like I didn’t have a lot to say or time to say what I did want to say. I’m not suggesting I now have TONS to say, but I do like writing a few sentences now and again 🙂 Back now (for … More Take Two